At Signa Opportunity, we strive to break the employment barriers that make it hard for the youth to enter the job market. We offer our clients an array of programmes that allow them to create economic pathways for South Africa’s youth. Among our offerings is the Youth Employment Service (YES) Initiative. Our programmes help facilitate and promote the creation of employment and self-employment opportunities for every youth member that comes through our doors.

YES, also known as the Youth Employment Service, is a social compact between business, government, and labour with the objective of creating over one million job opportunities for South African youth. YES encourages businesses to contribute toward addressing the youth unemployment crisis in the country by upskilling youth through 12-months quality workplace experience.

Signa Opportunity provides support in the interpretation and implementation of a YES Programme. Therefore, to put our clients and YES youth at ease, our services are offered either wholly as a fully outsourced solution or individually as a customized solution.