Youth employment is an indicator of future economic growth, and current economic stability. Therefore, we, at Signa Opportunity assist the youth that come through our doors with employment opportunities including the YES programme. With the 12 months workplace experience gained from the programme, youth are given the chance at long-term employment

Start your journey to find long-term employment with Signa Opportunity’s YES programme and:

  • Receive 12-months professional work experience
  • Receive valuable workplace readiness training and mentorship
  • End your programme with a professional CV, reference letter and job search strategies and interview skills to get you, not only a job, but a career

We realise how daunting the workplace can be for first time employees and young people who have just started out in their careers. They face many challenges and often lack sufficient guidance and support.

Because of this, we have in place a support framework that aides in our youth’s success. This includes regular check-ins, interactive mentorship & guidance as well as performance monitoring and evaluation.

Because we know your success in the workplace is influenced by factors in and out of the workplace, Signa Opportunity offers wellness support for our YES Youth and their immediate dependents. This service is tailor-made, confidential and professionally managed. Our Wellness Program is designed to assist you in achieving personal well-being in both the workplace and at home.

The service offers each YES Youth and their immediate dependents access to the following services:

  • Telephonic Trauma Counselling
  • Trauma, Assault and HIV Support
  •  Nurse Support Line
  • Tax and Financial Support
  • Legal Assistance
  • Tele Doctor Consultations
  • Virtual Counselling

Toll Free Number: 080 961 1196

The Wellness Program is there to help youth prevent problems from building up, by dealing with issues early and effectively.